The Realm of Adventurers

25. februar 2023 kl. 10:00 - 26. februar 2023 kl. 0:00
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TRoA, battlelokalet
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Varighed: 2 t.
This Campaign uses the Rules for Star Wars: X-wing Miniatures Game
2.5 Extended Rules from Atomic Mass Games as to game play
Scenarios from the official Tournament Rules
The Battle for Yavin – Scenario Pack
Converted Scenarios from 1.0 and 2.0 Edition of the Star Wars: X-wing Miniatures Game
This Campaign is originally designed for 12 Players divided equally among the factions: Empire; Rebels and Scum playing in the era around the original Trilogy.
The Campaign starts prior to the destruction of the First Death Star.
The Region Map for the Campaign is divided into 4 Sectors. Each Sector is under Imperial rule or Imperial occupation.
The Empire fights to eradicate the Rebels and their outposts and bases and restore law and order.
The Rebels fights to eradicate the Empire and bring justice back to the Galaxy.
The Scums fight for control of the Black Markets, while fighting anyone standing in their way Imperials and Rebels alike.
The Campaign is played over multiple settings using various types of Missions to move the Campaign along as the Empire fights to maintain control of the various Sectors of space as the Rebels tries to get the upper hand and Scums in the form of drug cartels and crime syndicates try to influence those in power through bribes and extortion.
Each Player controls a Squadron.
Each Squadron must be of one of the following Factions: Empire; Rebels or Scums.
Those who join a Squadron are referred to as pilots.
Each Squadron hold a total number of 12 Pilots.:
1 Squadron Leader – PS 5 –2x Elite Upgrades of which one must be the Squadron Leader – Elite Upgrade / Pilot Ability: Random / Access to 3 ships
Any Squadron must be lead by a Squadron Leader. This model represents the player him- or herself in his or her guise as a Squadron Leader – A Squadron can ONLY have one Squadron Leader
2 Squadron Veterans – PS 3 / 1x Elite Upgrade / The Pilot Ability – Wingman: At the start of the Engagement Phase, remove 1 stress token from another friendly ship at range 1 / Access to 2 ships
The ordinary pilots are called veteran pilots. Veteran Pilots can be found and hired in bars and cantinas or on Space Stations across the Galaxy. They are experienced, competent and trustworthy fighters that make up the bulk of most Squadrons
9 Squadron Rookies – PS 1 / Pilot Ability – Rookie: If a friendly ship is destroyed at Range 0-2 / Access 1 ship
Rookies are young inexperienced fighters. Many planets are full of wannabe pilots eager for a chance to join a Squadron or Crime Syndicate and see some real action. Often rookies are younger brothers or cousins of the full-blooded pilots, included by way of teaching them how to fly and fight. Rookies are inevitably poor shots and prone to running off.
Each Squadron can choose to have a Force User among them. Remove 1 PS from any type of Pilot and remove an Elite Upgrade and replace it with 1 recurring Force Point.
Note: If placed on a Squadron Rookie – His/her PS is reduced to 0. Also, the first Elite Upgrade rolled for this Pilot is ignored and no draw is made for such.
A starting Squadron has access to ships depending on their total number of pilots. Any Squadron only has access to one medium ship and one large ship in the beginning of the Campaign.
Over time the aim is to develop and upgrade your pilots in skill and abilities and upgrade and modify your fleet of ships.
You will as Squadron Leader get the opportunity to promote your individual pilots to higher skill and gain access to more ships and up-grades as the Campaign continues.
Experience is earned and used in the following ways:
Any individual Pilot gains 1d6 Experience for surviving a battle, even if he or she is hurt or captured.
A Pilots gains Combat Experience equal to the cost of a downed enemy pilot, during combat.
If a Scenario has you fielding a Squadron value lower than your opponent, then you earn +3 Underdog Experience for a Win and +2 Underdog Experience for a Loss, above conditions still apply.
Objective Experience is also awarded for achievement of specific Mission to those pilots that complete such objectives.
000 – 010 Green Rookie -
011- 020 Rookie Pilot Pick 1 non-Elite upgrade depending on ship type
021 – 030 Trained Pilot Add +1 PS
031 – 040 Aspiring Veteran Access to 1st Elite Upgrade or Force Upgrade *
041 – 050 Veteran Pilot Pick 1 non-Elite upgrade depending on ship type
051 – 060 Skilled Veteran Pilot Add + 1 PS
061 – 080 Aspiring Ace Access to 2nd Elite Upgrade / 1st Elite
upgrade if Force-User
081 – 100 Squadron Ace Pick 1 non-Elite Upgrade depending on ship type
101 – 120 Squadron Ace Add +1 PS
121 – 140 Squadron Ace Draw random Pilot Ability
141 – 160 Squadron Ace Pick 1 non-Elite upgrade depending on ship type
161 – 180 Squadron Ace Add +1 PS
181 – 200 Aspiring Legend Add an upgrade slot to all ships you fly
201 - > Legend - When a Squadron Pilot reaches this level he or she may not advance any further
Force upgrade ONLY available, if Force-User
Instead of drawing a random Pilot Ability a Force-User may add +1 Force instead
The Squadron Leader begins the Campaign with 160 + 1d6 Experience
The 2x PS3 Veterans begins the Campaign with 50 + 1d6 Experience
The Rookies begin the Sector Campaign with 0 Experience
Vi mødes første gang Lørdag, den 25. februar 2023 – Kl. 10:00 til 12:00 i TRoA, hvor Vi laver Squadrons, og introducerer Kampagnen.
Vi mødes anden gang, Søndag, den 26. februar 2023 fra 12:00 til 18:00 for de første 3 runder, og aftermath.
Deltagelse i TRoAs Project: X-wings – SECTOR CAMPAIGN er gratis for medlemmer af TRoA – Folk udefra er velkomne til at deltage imod det sædvanlige gebyr på DKK50,00 per spil-gang.
For deltagelse – SEND SMS til Karsten Rasmussen på telefon 27 62 10 15 med følgende tekst: SECTOR CAMPAIGN 2023 / Medlem eller IKKE-Medlem.
Betaling for deltagelse, DKK50,00, hvis man ikke er medlem foretages på Mobil Pay til TRoA X-wing 239936 – med følgende i Tekst: Navn – Sector 23 - FEB
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